Meet the Barefoot Rev

Welcome. I’m the “barefoot rev,” but you can call me Jo.

I am an Episcopal priest, living in the Pacific Northwest. But that’s starting the story at the end.

I was born and raised in the thumb of Michigan (for those not from that great state look at the map… wait… get it?) Michiganders are fiercely proud, but we’re also Midwesterners so we won’t make a big deal about that. We’ll just smile and tell you that you really should see the UP, or spend a weekend up North. And after you’ve stared at us confused for a minute we’ll explain what all that means, and we might even give you the keys to our family’s cabin on the lake and tell you to make yourself at home. We’re those sorts of people.

We’re also people formed by our lakes. Freshwater seas, really. And that’s where this site’s title, and my own nickname come from. From those great lakes, the rhythm of their waves and the slow movement of their seasons. They leave an impression on the soul. I left the lakes, the shocking beauty of that land, and those wonderful people to come to Austin Texas for seminary.

And as sometimes happens, I met a boy, fell in love, and stayed a while. I’ve served parishes in Austin and Waco, Texas.

Now we’re living in the great state of Washington, writing, and dreaming of the future of the church.

As you read and explore here, know this: I am a progressive Christian, a scientist and engineer by training, a poet and artist by passion, and a reveler in mystery. No easy answers, or absolutes here; but the truth that the truth is far bigger than we dare imagine. This is a safe place. Whether you are progressive, or conservative; Christian or not; you are welcome.

The only rule here is simple: love one another. Whether or not we agree with one another, we are to love one another. So be welcome, may we challenge, encourage, and delight in one another.

And may we get our feet wet, and our hair full of sand, and our faces ruddy from the wind and come home with pockets filled with found treasure.