"I'm not interested in theology that is not grounded in the everyday realities of our lives."

Meet the Author

Josephine Robertson is an Episcopal priest, author, poet, photographer, and amateur dressage rider.  

She grew up on the wild shores of  the fresh water seas that most of the rest of the world insists on calling “Great Lakes.” And has had an affinity for the places where edges meet ever since. She cannot live long away from the spray of the waves, the breathe of the wind, or the sand between her toes. Her theology was formed early by all the wild places, and wild things that were her childhood playground.

Josephine spent her childhood running wild along beaver dams, shorelines, and hiding in the skirts of the Divine under altars and their hangings. It was there she met a God who was as much Grandmother as Father.

Her spirituality and practice has always leaned to the non-traditional and she prays with her pen (in her writing), her camera (in her art), and her body (in her horseback riding).

She was trained first as an engineer, steeped in the hard sciences, and math. But after years in that world she longed for mystery, variety, and people. Her second training was as theologian and poet; and she ordained as an Episcopal priest in 2011. 

Josephine's experience with other young tech-savy people, and her move to the Seattle area ,led her to found Crazy Whole Life in 2017. There she shares her experience with the Divine, and practical tools for spiritually hungry modern people.

Today Josephine splits her time between her online work for Crazy Whole Life and her beloved community of All Saints Episcopal in Bellevue Washington.

She is very glad you are here.

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