April 20


Easter Vigil: God Spoke

In the beginning God spoke, and it was good.

In the beginning God thundered: let there be light; and the light rushed in so blazingly bright that had there been any mortal eyes they would have been burned to nothingness.

God spoke, and the waters rose, and the ark floated and hope was reborn.

God spoke, and Abraham and Sarah stepped out into a new future.

God spoke and the waters formed a wall for them on their right, and on their left.

God spoke and the mountain thundered and shook and a people was born.

God spoke and kings rose and fell and prophet’s cried.

God spoke and a baby was born.

And then God whispered: let there be light into the blank darkness of a tomb and a spark struck. Just one tiny spark glowing warm and gentle in the darkness. A breath, movement, and the light grew shimmering, like a heartbeat fluttering.

Then God whispered to the stone: ephphatha (be open) and with a groan, and a grinding the light rushes out, and meets the dawn breaking over hills. And the birds burst into song, and all the cousins of that rock give a delighted shiver of silent joy, and the trees dance, swaying like young women, shaking back their leaves in shining waves.

Three, four, a score of women on the road see the trees dancing, and feel the stones shout. And their hearts leap and then they hear the words too, and the light dances into their own hearts and grows and spreads.

In the beginning God spoke, and it was good.

God never stopped speaking.

And still God whispers into the darkness: let there be light.

And the spark lives and breathes and the light spreads. And the stones shiver, and the rivers sing, and God who spoke, and speaks, and will continue speaking looks on all that God has made and once again: calls it good. Alleluia!


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