December 18



We were promised angels, and they came: to dirty old men smelling of sheep and beer and too long in the fields. But they went away again, before any reliable witnesses could weigh in. We were promised peace, and it came in the moment we set down our anger of our own free will; and lasted less than a heartbeat because we kept choosing to wait for it to be imposed. We were promised a miracle; and the sun rose and a bird flew on the weight of the wind and our hearts beat and our lungs filled with the scent of honey and we were disappointed. We were promised a savior; and we got a baby, small and helpless with eyes full of promise and love. We got a young man, wild eyed and idealistic, who touched the wrong people and ate at their tables, and had no home, no job. We got a worldly man, with fatalistic eyes, who wouldn’t shut up and wouldn’t go away, and wouldn’t stop making all the right kind of people angry. We were promised God, and we got love that will die, but will not kill, that will forgive, but never condemn. We are still disappointed.

We were promised that he would come again. This time. This time we’re sure, God will get it right.


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