December 7


Advent Meditation: Justice

God looks nothing like

the old man, bearded and pure, blue eyed

and severe, thundering with disappointment

bright with vengeance, justice

melts and looks nothing like us

either. The first, sent to the end

of the line, despite their studious attention

to the calendar, the last dragging in

sleep fuddled and disorganized sent in

first, to trumpets and shouting

and we grumble, about fairness

forgetting, God’s justice looks nothing

like us; and everything like a finger lifting

up the sagging scale, balancing out

all the ways we lean one way

or the other, spreading divine correction fluid

across our language until we cannot

remember words like right, wrong, poor,

rich, progressive, conservative, just, unjust,

clean and unclean washed away, we falter

in our complaining in that backward line, grasping

for the words of our indignation and finding

it all gone and nothing left

but God, who looks nothing like

we expected.


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