Born and raised a good Michigander, moved to Austin on a crazy journey to seminary. Now starting a whole new journey into marriage and ordained ministry. But still (according to my husband) barely reverend.
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Josephine Robertson St John’s Episcopal Church, Kirkland 2/19/2017 Epiphany 7A   Before the beginning there was God, there was only God, so all that would ever be was somehow...
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Josephine Robertson St. John's, Kirkland
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Josephine Robertson
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Josephine Robertson St. John's Episcopal Church, Kirkland

Josephine Robertson St John’s Kirkland 1/8/2017, Epiphany 1A Matthew 3:13-17   In the beginning the Spirit hovered over the face of the waters and from them came all that...
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Josephine Robertson Advent 4A, Dec 18 2016
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Josephine Robertson St John's Episcopal Church, Kirkland
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Today’s lessons, are hard and frankly confusing. Empires as weird beasts, spiritual whiplash in our psalm, poor people being blessed and woe’s to...
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St John's Kirkland Psalm 84 The Kingdom of God is like a pretty little brown sparrow with a little cap of red on the...
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Josephine Robertson St John’s Episcopal Church, Kirkland Proper 21C, Sept 25 2016 Luke 16:19-31   Today Jesus gives us a whopper of a parable. A parable is a story...